The 5 Best Teams in Marvel Strike Force

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All those hours of grinding in Marvel Strike Force have paid off, and your roster is looking sharp. But with such an enormous roster of characters at your fingertips, it can be difficult to decide which five you’re going to take into battle, or whether you should switch up your lineup as the next big event approaches. In this article, we’re going to break down the five best teams in Marvel Strike Force so that you can crush your enemies on the battlefield!

Rank 1 – Magik and Iron Man

Magik and Ironman are a well-balanced team. They are both ranged attackers, Magik with her spells and Iron Man with his repulsors. This allows them to cover each other’s weaknesses well. Plus, their spells also cover for each other when one gets knocked out of the fight. It is impossible to use one without the other!
Magik and Spider-Man are a good team as well because they can do high burst damage that gives them an advantage over tanks.

Rank 2 – Thor and Hulk

Thor and Hulk are an excellent choice for any team. Thor has a ranged attack, which can be increased by his passive ability. His strikes also have the chance to stun enemies, making it easy to hold them in place for Hulk’s smash. Thor is also capable of reflecting projectiles back at enemies with his shield, making this duo a great option for players who like to play defensively or those looking for a challenge.

Rank 3 – Wolverine, Gambit, and Magneto

Wolverine, Gambit, and Magneto are three of the strongest heroes in Marvel Strike Force. As a result, they should be the first three heroes you recruit to your team. Wolverine is a melee-attacker with a lot of health that can attack enemies from far away using his claws. Gambit is an offensive hero that can disable shields with his cards or stun enemies with his power cards.

Rank 4 – Human Torch, Captain America, Black Panther

Marvel Strike Force is a mobile game from the people who made Injustice 2. The game is currently in beta, but it’s an excellent fighting game that feels like Marvel vs Capcom meets Mobile Legends. They’re rolling out additional characters over time, with the latest being the Human Torch and Captain America. Black Panther is also coming soon, according to an interview with one of the designers.

Rank 5 – Agent Venom, Luke Cage, Rocket Raccoon

1. Agent Venom – Agent Venom’s stealth and strong single-target attacks make him an excellent choice for countering lots of enemies at once, as well as for taking on tough bosses.
2. Luke Cage – Luke Cage is a great character to use if you have a team that can’t deal with crowds of enemies quickly or needs a tank to protect the others from enemy attacks.

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