Root Toolkit for Android™

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Root Toolkit for Android™

Note: this utility does NOT root your Android™ device–it assumes that your device is already rooted.

I wrote this little root utility for myself to help consolidate and automate some root functions that are available in various other apps, but nowhere all together.

If you have problems or issues with the app, please contact me via [email protected] with as much detail as you can provide.


* display current root and device state/status

* reboot options (normal, recovery, bootloader)

* power off device

* remount rootfs (/) and/or /system in read-write or read-only mode; note: remount behavior changed in Android™ 4.2 and higher that causes remount effect to not be usable by apps other than the one that initiated the remount

* save (protect) / restore root function; for 4.2 and earlier devices with ext2/3/4 /system partitons; for 4.3 devices, I’ve implemented Pau Oliva’s 4.3+ functionality; saving root for 5.0+ has not yet been

* freeze (disable) or thaw (enable) an application (use caution when freezing a system app!); see Settings menu to enable display of system apps

* display system (getprop) property values

* calculate an MD5 or SHA1 checksum on any file (navigate to selected file, long-press filename, select desired action)

* options for selected Nexus devices:

— flash a stock recovery
— flash various custom recoveries
— make recovery “stick” (keep stock recovery from overwriting your custom recovery)
— identify currently installed recovery

* bootloader lock, unlock, status (select Nexus devices: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2nd gen 2013), Nexus 10)

* small (<25mb) partion backup function now supported in v3.9; note: this is NOT meant as a Nandroid backup replacement, but for use in backing-up small, critical partitions that to assist with device recovery; also note that a restore function is NOT included since the target partition is likely to still be open/mounted; useful for backing-up special partitions like EFS.

Warning / disclaimer: the author of this app is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by or related to its use.

If you are not comfortable with or knowledgeable about the proper use and functionality of this app, please discontinue its use and uninstall.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact me at [email protected].



INTERNET – for downloading recoveries
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – used for saving small partition backups
ACCESS_SUPERUSER – permission to support interaction with SuperSU (now deprecated)

Android™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.


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