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Check out the latest Google Play store updates and get the best apps available. The Google Play Store Update app lets you update your apps even when they aren't on your phone.
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Google Play Store Update
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Android 6 and up
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The Google Play Store app may automatically update apps to the latest version, but sometimes you need to update an app manually. Here’s how to do it!

What you need to know about Google Play store updates

– Google Play store updates help keep your device, and all of your apps, up to date with the latest versions. This helps improve your device’s performance and provides a more secure environment.
– The Google Play store will automatically send you notifications when new updates are available.

What you need before updating your app

Before updating your app, make sure to double-check the following things:
Did you make any changes that require an update? Did you add any new features or screens? Do any of your app’s screens need updating for compatibility with a larger screen size? Have there been any changes in Android OS versions since you released your last version of the app? Does this update fix bugs and errors in previous versions of the app? Does it include new features and enhancements that will enhance user experience?

Step by step to update your app

1. Head over to Google play on your phone or laptop, then search for your app by name.
2. Find the Update button under your app’s description and click it – this will take you to a list of all updates available for that app.
3. Scroll through and see if there are any new features or bug fixes that might be relevant to you, then hit Update.