1. What is Cash-Maal?
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March 29, 2019
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Read all about the CashMaal.

1. What is CashMaal?
Cash-Maal or ‘CM’ is an Internet payment system to make money transfers securely
throughout the internet world. It provides wonderful opportunities to online Users and
Merchants as well.
2. Who can become a Member of CashMaal?
Everyone over the age of 18 from any country in the world can register a free account in
3. How do I Register?
In order to create an account with Cash-Maal, follow the instructions below:
 – Go to “Register”.
 – Ensure you fill out the registration form with correct data.
 – Read the Members Agreement/FAQ and hit Register.
 – Your account wallet is created in Cash-Maal.

4. Why should I use Cash-Maal for online payments?
Cash-Maal is a diversified universal system for online payments. You can perform following
very easily by using Cash-Maal wallet:
– Send money transfers to any CashMaal user for free
– Store funds in your own virtual Bank securely
– Deposit money from one method to pay from another
5. What is the Account Limit?
There is no Account Limit in Cash-Maal, you can do unlimited transactions.
6. Where can I find Fee/charges for transactions?
After login your account there is a Pricing tab in left side of dashboard where you can
easily find transaction fee structure for each.

7. Which are CashMaal supported currencies?
Users have a multicurrency option in Cash-Maal account as follows:
– USD (CM Unit – the equivalent of United States dollar)
– PM (CM Unit – the equivalent of PM)
– JazzCash (CM Unit – the equivalent of PKR)
– EasyPaisa (CM Unit – the equivalent of PKR)
8. Can I have more than one account?
Yes, you can make more than one account in Cash-Maal.
9. Can I deposit using one e-currency and withdraw to another one?
Yes, you can deposit using one e-currency and get paid in another one.
10. What should I do if my password is lost?
You need to send us email ([email protected]) containing your Member Id, email
and all other profile detail to prove your identity. After comparing this information
with the data you submitted at registration, your password will be emailed to the
email address provided during registration.

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